About Atelier Outotsu

What is Atelier Outosu?

Art In Residence
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What is my aim of setting up Atelier Outotsu?

Atelier Outotsu encourages artist members to produce innovative artwork and provides them with a space and facilities 24/7, 365 days a year. I feel it gives them freedom to realize their visions. Artists are able to exchange their idea with other artists through exhibitions, art-events and lectures. This is our mission, so to speak.

I am Kanno, the executive director of Atelier Outotsu, I studied etching in the Atelier 17 in Paris and was influenced by S.W. Hayter a lot about 40 years ago. After coming back to Japan, it was my desire to set up my own printing studio. Atelier Outotsu became a nonprofit organization last year and carries on our mission.

Have I achieved my goals?

My primary goal of setting up Atelier Oototsu has been achieved.

Atelier Outotsu continues to grow and now almost fifty members are working here.

Our goals have been changing and we would like to work to make much more progress.
As the number of our members has increased, the artists'projects have expanded as well.
It is natural that the requirements for ways, places or sizes to present our works should and will vary.
We need to make a slight adjustment to our goals and policies because of this.

But at the same time that also gives us a chance to explore and consider new goals.
Like anything in this world, there is no end to evolution.

When is the next international exhibition/exchange planned for Atelier Outotsu?

Our most recent international exhibit is between France and Japan in Cite Internationale des Arts de Paris, France in June of 2015. This exhibition is held under the sponsorship of the Japanese Embassy in Paris, Hyogo Prefecture, Nishinomiya City. It is our third exhibition in Paris. The last two exhibitions were very successful.

What are my future plans for Atelier Outotsu?

As I mentioned earlier we have numerous plans or goals, but the one which we are particularly keen to realize is to set up a support system for younger artists. In addition, cultural exchange with other countries gives us a lot of energy and inspiration. We are going to open our studio to an artist in residence program. Another project we are working towards is to sponsor an international print exhibition and introduce new artists to the Japanese art scene.

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